Cn And Conductors Reach Tentative Agreement

“I am pleased to announce that we have reached a preliminary agreement with CN,” said Teamsters Canada President Francois Laporte. “I want to thank our members for their courage and solidarity. I would also like to thank all the local teamster unions in different sectors, all the labour organisations and the members of the public who supported us on the picket line. CN Rail and the workers` union reached a tentative agreement after a week-long strike. CN announced that it has entered into a preliminary agreement with teamsters Canada Rail Conference – Conductors, Trainpersons and Yardpersons (TCRC-CTY) to renew the employment contract of approximately 3,000 CN directors and shipyard employees in Canada. TORONTO (CIHI) — The Canadian Railway (CN) Railway has reached a preliminary agreement with the Teamsters union to end a strike by about 3,200 CN executives and shipyard crews, it was reported Tuesday. The government agreed to the agreement as “additional evidence” that non-interference negotiations “are doing the best for Canadians and the economy.” “Previous governments have consistently violated workers` right to strike when it comes to the rail industry,” Teamsters Canada President Francois Laporte said in the statement. “This government remained calm and focused on helping the parties reach an agreement, and it worked.” The interim agreement must now be ratified by Teamsters members by a vote. The union says members` meetings will be held across the country to outline the terms of the new agreement before a vote takes place.

“We congratulate and thank both KN and the Teamsters for staying around the table and reaching an agreement for the good of all Canadians,” said Labour Minister Filomena Tassi and Transport Minister Marc Garneau in a joint statement. Mike Cory, CN`s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said, “CN is very pleased to have reached this agreement with TCRC-CTY without interruption of service. This new agreement confirms CN`s commitment to working with our employees and their representatives to address employment issues in a mutually beneficial manner. Details of the interim agreement have not been made public.