Furniture Rental Agreement Contract

The customer or customer`s representative must be present at the delivery address on the desired day. TREE supplier staff will call the customer the day before to inform the customer of the window of opportunity provided for delivery. The customer or his representative must check the furniture delivered thoroughly to make sure all items are in good condition. The customer or customer`s representative is required to confirm the receipt of the rented items by signing the delivery order. The customer acknowledges and accepts that the furniture on his order is in the possession and leased by TREE Furniture – Accessory Rental for the sole purpose, as indicated on their purchase order. It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that their order is correct and to report any discrepancies or problems with the order at the time of delivery and before the delivery order is signed. In the event of breakage, cracks or other damage to the customer (or end-user) during the rental period, the customer recognizes that he must cover the costs of cleaning, repairing or replacing damaged objects. TREE charges the customer per invoice and the customer agrees to pay the exchange fee for any damaged, lost or stolen items, equal to 10 times the monthly rental price. This Furniture Rental Lease Agreement Mobile app is convenient for developing leases directly from your mobile device. All customers who place an order at TREE Furniture – Accessory Rental (TREE) are the main contact. Each customer must authorize the lease before processing their order with their credit card.

All damage to the end user is the responsibility of the customer who concludes the contract. You can change the terms and conditions of this mobile app based on your company`s goals and criteria. It is ideal for all kinds of furniture rentals – living room, dining room, office furniture, bedroom kit, large furniture, luxury furniture – you call it. Use this app for a monthly lease or lease. Set the deposit for the property, the policy of attrition with the tenant, and also the written communication on the consequences of non-payment of rent.