Intergovernmental Agreement On Fruit Fly

“I have written to the country`s agriculture ministers asking them to support a national approach to fruit fly management. Here is a summary of the enterprise agreement. While the SA industry has just adjusted to the reaction mode, some producers have chosen not to export their fruit. He said that while the discussion in the forum had been positive, South Australia recognized the need for all states to sign the agreement. Director Helen Aggeletos said the citrus fruits were at the end of the season, but the company had lost the opportunity to export because the fruit had to be processed, which costs between $3 and $4 extra per fruit case. “The $16.9 million investment announced by the Commonwealth Government in the mid-year budget will focus on national management of fruit flies and will focus on the use of more advanced technologies to control this pest, such as sterile insect technology.B. She said the cost of losing the Riverland`s no-fly status would be “enormous.” The Fruit Fly Council has developed an operational agreement to reduce the potentially devastating effects of a fall in fruit flies. The agreement was signed on 9 May 2016 by the relevant inter-professional organisations, marking the first such agreement (read the message). The agreement contains detailed contractual arrangements on how industry and government will work together to achieve better biosecurity outcomes for the four most common doped flies. It defines operational requirements for preparedness and response measures, as well as cost-sharing agreements between the government and the industries involved. Parties to the agreement must also become signatories to the GIA before they have the right to sign an operational agreement. The signatories of the agreement are: you will also find more general information on operational agreements.

Nick Secomb of Biosecurity SA acknowledged the Commonwealth`s commitment to help fund a national drosophila strategy, but said other countries are lagging behind in SA`s efforts. “In particular, this investment will enable new research, development and extension programs to contribute to cutting-edge work in fruit fly control. The overall outcome sought by the OA is that the signatories of the GIA Deed will work together to reduce the impact of fruit flies on the horticultural sector: “In order to minimise the impact of fruit flies on Australia, it is essential that the governments of the federal states cooperate better in early detection, diagnosis, stakeholder cooperation, access to the international and national market and international market. , emergency measures and day-to-day management.