Warship Alliance Management Agreement

The Navy`s warship HMAS Warramunga is currently on the Henderson Shipyard in Western Australia. The upgrade program, known as AMCAP and implemented by the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) Alliance, is now on its third Anzac-class frigate, after HMA Ships Arunta and Anzac completed the upgrade in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) Alliance has lowered HMAS Warramunga to Henderson, the third Anzac-class frigate, which has received a complete upgrade to Anzac Mid Life`s venture capital insurance program (AMCAP). The work was carried out jointly with participants from WAMA, an alliance between BAE Systems, SAAB Australia, Naval Ship Management and the Commonwealth of Australia, which supports the anzac-class frigates in service. Since arriving in Henderson in May 2019, approximately 370,000 hours of work have been invested in the ship. AMCAP includes the replacement of the existing air search radar capability with the new CEAAFAR L-Band long-range air detection radar. Other important work on Warramunga was: NSM offers the continued maintenance of Australian Anzac-class frigates under the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA). WAMA, on loan in 2016, is a strategic partnership with NSM, BAE Systems, SAAB and the Commonwealth to manage the assets of Anzac-class frigates until the end of their lifespan. Together, the Alliance provides warships that are materially capable of long-term efficiency for the Royal Australian Navy. HMAS Warramunga will now conduct a thorough review of these new systems before conducting sea trials before recommissioning in 2021.

Russell Parker, Managing Director of WAMA Alliance, said: “AMCAP shows how an alliance between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Defence Industry can work effectively together to provide complex and interconnected capital support programs to achieve the Navy`s capabilities and availability.” BAE Systems Australia ($1.33 billion), Saab Australia (US$125 million) and Naval Ship Management (US$444 million) will work on the current framework agreement to support the ANZAC class, shore aid and training organizations over the remaining capacity life. Wama Alliance is a strategic partnership between the Commonwealth of Australia, BAE Systems, SAAB Australia and Naval Ship Management Australia to provide the entire asset management of the Anzac-class frigates. Most of the WAMA work is done at Henderson, AV. Naval Ship Management consists of a joint venture between UGL and Babcock. The Royal Australian Navy`s third Anzac-class frigate received a new mast built by BAE Systems as part of Anzac Class`s Quarantine Insurance Program (AMCAP). Thales and the Australian government signed a decades-long contract worth more than AUD$1 billion (nearly $690 million) to ensure the Australian manufacture and delivery of strategic ammunition to the Australian Defence Force.