Safety Agreement

By clicking on the box, I confirm that I have been alerted and that I am subject to the above explanations, and I agree to respect all security policies and procedures. After clicking “I agree,” the form is filed and you will be redirected to the chemistry department`s security page. 3. Safety information is discussed at conferences and in the laboratory. I understand that additional security information can be obtained in /content/chemistry-department-safety and that I am responsible for verification and compliance with the content. In addition, I am aware that I am subject to all its provisions, whether or not I have chosen to read and understand them. 8. I understand that my behaviour in the laboratory is governed by the university`s integrity code. If I don`t follow the chemistry department`s safety rules and rules, my expulsion from the lab may have the effect of doing so. 1. I was provided with goggles with polycarbonate (or equivalent) lenses and a laboratory apron.

These objects are carried in the laboratory at all times. 2. I know the location and proper operation of laboratory safety devices, including, but not only: fire alarms, safety showers, eye washes, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. If the PDF is not shown below, you can also download it here. 9. I acknowledge that I have been provided with a key for a chemistry laboratory drawer and I take responsibility for this key and the contents of that drawer throughout the semester. In addition to the devices in my drawer, I take full responsibility for the equipment I remove from the distribution room, and I understand that I am financially responsible for defective or missing devices. 7. I will not try unauthorized experiments, nor will I work in the lab without proper supervision.

To sign the required laboratory safety agreement (online copy), select your instructor below: 5. I will follow all instructions regarding the safe conduct of the experiments. I will use the hood if necessary and I will get rid of all chemicals and other materials as indicated. Safety is the responsibility of all students, teachers and employees in our department. 4. I`m going to protect myself in the lab by wearing appropriate clothing. I understand that long pants, shirts with sleeves (i.e.