School Teacher Job Agreement

In any event, if this contract ends with the teacher`s sole intention, the teacher will make a 60-day delay before the termination of the employment The teacher receives an allowance of 40,000.00 USD, which must be paid twice a month in 24 times in equal increments in the year, subject to authorized deductions. A teacher`s contract is a legal document that binds the teacher and the school to the teacher`s employment. This document defines the rights, benefits, obligations and other conditions of the parties in a clear and readable printed document. A contract is necessary for joint employment in all areas, as it protects the rights of both parties. Each school has its own standards. Therefore, a teacher`s contract helps clarify the teacher`s job description so that he or she knows what awaits him or her and how he or she will carry out his or her duties. It also helps to protect a school`s necessary rights in setting employment standards with its staff. Overall, a teacher`s contract is an essential document that every school should have with regard to the recruitment of its teachers. CONSIDERING that the school wishes to use the services of the teacher to be part of its faculty and to teach in that school; The school is responsible for providing the teacher with textbooks and other teaching materials. The school receives training and support that should contribute to the improvement of the teacher.

Books and other school features, including electronic equipment, remain the property of the school and are returned to the school at the end of this contract. 1. (employers) _______Employee__________________ Employer________________ This contract comes into effect with the signature of both parties and receipt by (the employer).3. Term of contract, this contract is terminated or modified, except for anything else, the / and ends the / / . If one of the parties does not wish to renew this contract, it ends with a natural procedure on the aforementioned date of termination.4