Belvoir Letting Agreements

In some cases, Belvoir will support franchisees by providing up to 50% of the funds needed to acquire additional sales and leasing portfolios to grow franchisees` businesses. We have been specialists in housing rentals for more than 20 years and we have a wide knowledge of what our tenants are needs and requirements. We work hard to provide all our tenants with the best customer service, even in the difficult times that happen from time to time with real estate. With dedicated 24-hour phone service in the event of an off-hours emergency, you`re just one call away from award-winning customer service. An extremely rare opportunity to acquire an award-winning company, established for more than 11 years on a fast-growing site. The company is currently focusing on a fully supervised service. It is possible to develop the website of the real estate agency and also offer financial services. Comprehensive training is provided by the Central Unit. The offer price is £475,000. For more information and a confidentiality agreement, please contact or phone 01476 570000. A resale established for more than 4 years is available within the Belvoir group.

The offer price is £125,000. The company has a mixed portfolio of sales, property management and guaranteed rent. There is an existing customer base with growth prospects thanks to the expansion of the managed portfolio, financial services and the focus on the development of the distribution service. This case would correspond to a motivated and euthusiastic entrepreneur. Training and support are provided by the franchisee. For more information, on request. Please contact 01476 570000 or email Ref: 020 Northwood, part of the Belvoir Group, have a resale opportunity in Surrey. The company has a turnover of over £300,000. There is a portfolio of over 130 properties that consists of guaranteed rental concepts and managed residential properties. The company has developed the turnover, but it is possible to continue the growth in this area. The offer price is £310,000. For more information and a confidentiality agreement, please contact or call 01476 570000.

Whatever rental service you need, Belvoir Andover is here to help you every step of the way. Belvoir still has tenants waiting for properties that can be rented in the Andover area, so contact us today to discuss your needs. 6 – What is a lease? A lease is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. It is a legally binding document that defines the requirements and obligations of both parties. Negotiated and agreed terms must be included in the contract before signing, for example. B the agreed term of the lease. Belvoir St Albans` legal team has entered into fair and balanced agreements that clearly define the responsibilities or each party during the lease. In recent years, Belvoir has become the UK`s largest property franchise group with over 300 rental agencies across the country. Landlord Direct is an experienced promotion and booking agent for holiday properties. Your vacation rental is selectively promoted on large rental sites. We, Channel Manage, process these different websites and process bookings and payments on your behalf and update booking calendar systems.

The retirement of the current owners gave an exciting opportunity to an up-and-coming entrepreneur. Founded in 2010, the company became part of the Northwood network in 2013 and has since built an enviable reputation as a local expert in HMO rentals, rent guaranteed and traditional real estate management and sales. The premises of the brand are located in an attractive and renowned position. The company works mainly under its experienced and trained team, which manages about 117 managed units….