Hotel Agreement

Messages, mail and deliveries of goods for customers are handled with care. The hotel is ready to carry out the delivery, storage and, on request and for payment, the transmission of items. The hotel is only responsible here for the number 7.1 above, sentences 1-4. 2. If, when accepting the application for an accommodation contract, the hotel has not required payment of the application fee referred to in Article 3(2) or has not specified the expiry date, the accommodation contracts shall be treated as a special agreement referred to in paragraph 1. Seminars, meetings, conferences, presentations, banquets and other events, sale of food and beverages, organization of cultural, sporting and other similar programs or offers, as well as for all other services and deliveries of GT3 Hotel Ag. The customer does not acquire the right to the provision of certain premises, unless other arrangements have been expressly made.