Learning Agreement Contract

DreamApply is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property and offers maintenance and technical support for the service dream-agreement.eu. The development of the tool is funded by the revenue generated by existing users of the DreamApply exchange management software. In addition, the student has the option to delete the contract immediately after following an email-based verification scheme to protect against accidental deletion. Any use of the European emblem by us will be in accordance with the “Administrative Agreement with the Council of Europe on the use of the European emblem by third parties” (2012/C 271/04). The European emblem is used exclusively to refer to the ERASMUS+ programme. Please note that we do not take advantage of this and that there is no link between us and any of the institutions, bodies, agencies and institutions of the European Union or the Council of Europe. We use a trusted calendar that ensures that after adding a signature to an agreement, the content of the agreement can no longer be manipulated. We, too, cannot change the content of signed documents without you noticing. Learning contracts have gained popularity as assessment methods have evolved from tutor-centred to more student-centred approaches. It also reflects the shift towards more self-controlled learning. Knight (2002b) describes how there are many alternative concepts for apprenticeship contracts, including apprenticeship agreements and negotiable learning agreements. It is also possible not to notify other contracting parties and simply prepare the agreement electronically, store (or print) the PDF file and subsequently delete it.

In this case, no other party will have access to the agreement. To do this, one party (preferably the student, see below) launches the agreement and informs the other parties. All three parties have access to the display and processing of the content of the agreement and the addition of electronic signatures to the document. During its development, when the features of the tool became evident, DreamApply decided to expand the scope of the new tool by being available as a stand-alone tool that can be used for free for each university for the benefit of the entire Erasmus community. The tool has been made available free of charge, allowing all partner coordinators to share their agreements collaboratively. In addition, the tool also has an API allowing each university to easily integrate it into its study information system and automate its work with regard to learning agreements. In the summer of 2016, DreamApply was commissioned by its customers to develop an IT solution to facilitate the creation of Erasmus+ learning agreements, as the existing solution, integrated into DreamApply, was not ideal for some of the more complex aspects of preparing and exchanging learning agreements. There are several ways to integrate dream-agreements.eu into your university`s processes: an apprenticeship contract usually contains a written statement of: The aim dream-agreement.eu the tools is to help University International Relations Coordinators (IRC-s) and students save a lot of time in the development and unblocking of Erasmus+ learning agreements in order to improve the efficiency of the entire student exchange procedure. They have degenerated.

We are also pleased to invite other organizations, associations and authorities to participate in the further work on dream-agreement.eu. Once an agreement has been deleted, a copy remains in the backup archive for a limited time – a backup created just before deletion is kept for up to 4 weeks. Upon expiry of this period, the backup archives will also be safely deleted and the deletion cannot be undone. For optimal protection of the student`s data, we recommend that the student start the agreement process and notify the coordinators who send and receive, making sure to share the agreement only with coordinators, inserting in the agreement only the official international e-mail addresses of the universities concerned. . .