Student Tenancy Guarantor Agreement

A: If the contract is a joint and several contract, the remaining household has the right to refuse a replacement tenant. However, you can only refuse for valid reasons, for example. B if the replacement tenant is not a student (tax liability). If they still refuse suitable replacements, it is important to inform the owner/agent. You can decide to act against tenants in case of lack of rent. If you have an individual contract, you don`t need to get permission from others in the house. However, the owner/agent must give his consent. It is rare for the landlord/broker to refuse a replacement tenant and have to give good reasons. They usually sign a temporary agreement covering the entire academic year (unless it is a short term). You cannot terminate the contract within the duration of the contract. You are an unprotected tenant and you have the right to use a private room and common areas (e.g.B. bathroom/kitchen). Persons acting on behalf of accommodation establishments may have access to common rooms (e.g.

.B. for cleaning purposes), but should only enter your single room if a written announcement is made. Does student accommodation always require a deposit? With the nascent housing crisis, landlords view renting real estate as a profession rather than a secondary job. In many university cities, there is no shortage of willing and solvent tenants to fill their real estate. At the same time, rental costs and total living costs exceeded the annual increase in the education credit grant, by a large majority. Before you sign anything, you should be fully aware of what your role in the contract is, and to do so, you need to know what a guarantor is. In short, a rental deposit is a person who signs the contract next to the tenant and agrees to pay rent, damages and other unpaid for the duration of the lease if the tenant cannot pay himself. For more information on what a rental guarantee is, why it is necessary and who can be a guarantor and who cannot be, please read our special explanation article “What is a deposit”. As part of the agreement, some landlords/agents will give you a guarantee and ask you to have your parents guarantee your rent.

It is very important that such a guarantee explicitly limits your parents` financial liability to your son`s or daughter`s rent/damages.. . . .