What Is The Purpose Of An Open Skies Agreement

The agreement consists of certain rules that the United States and Europe must respect. Unfortunately, some in Europe are disappointed by this agreement and believe that the rules are stricter for European airlines and more lenient for American airlines. Dorothy Robyn, a senior consultant at Washington-based Brattle Group, explains the benefits of a transatlantic open skies deal for consumers and airlines On December 6, at the country`s request, the U.S. conducted an open-air flight over Ukraine. The flight was technically “exceptional” or outside of Ukraine`s allocated annual number of applications, and the United States explicitly stated that the purpose of the flight was to demonstrate to Russia its commitment to ukraine`s defense. According to observers, the flight probably did not fly near the disputed areas. This agreement allows any airline in the European Union and any airline in the United States to fly anywhere between the two countries. The benefits for consumers are obvious: open skies agreements have helped liberalise the air traffic environment, resulting in much greater choice and convenience, as well as lower prices. In fact, it is hard to imagine that the extremely diverse and complex international aviation market exists without such open skies agreements. This is the first part of the agreement. Basically, this means that any airport in the European Union can fly internationally to any airport in the United States. Regardless of the country or nationality from which the airline originates, as long as it is part of the EU, the United States recognizes it as European.